Town and district residents are devastated when an unexplained tragedy on a deserted Western Downs country back-road claims two prominent people’s lives.

Did someone intend there be three coffins?

ADAM MANN, now sole heir to the under-developed Majalin Downs, a riverfront cattle property, much coveted for its potential, is consumed by the mystery. Adam’s searches for answers.

A traumatised 12 year old run-away boy complicates a difficult situation and Adam calls on his fiancé, KATE for her help.

Daily, Adam and Kate face unknown threats.

The dingos smell blood and circle for the final kill.


“A baffling mystery – colourful characters – laconic Australian humour.”


Why abduct a small child from the heart of Queensland’s Chanel Country?


Does the mother know, or even suspect the real reason?


Being four hundred kilometres from the nearest lone Police officer, Myall Downs’ own station hands must act. Instinctively, ADAM MANN, a tenacious, determined aboriginal stockman and known black-tracker, relentlessly chases the villains, dogging them across some of Queensland’s harshest and most beautiful terrain.


ADAM MANN, defying the frustratingly slow, tantalisingly rule-bound authorities and Police – who have a poor record with Indigenous Australians – forces their hand through his actions. A compelling read.


Why is someone so intent on killing a seemingly innocent man?

Self-assured and work-hardened. ADAM MANN, is a bush-born and bred stockman who has spent his whole life working in the Channel Country.
He innocently arrives in Miles on the Western Downs seeking work and a new life. One long term local suspects who he really is!

A name change never hides the truth for long! Within hours shots are fired; he makes enemies of a powerful cattle connection; he finds a soul mate and family he never knew existed.

Adam is ostensibly employed on Majalin Downs, a prized Condamine River property to replace an elderly stockman whose murder is being treated by police as a horse riding accident.

Adam’s black-tracking skill discovers the awful truth! Deceit, avarice, jealousy and hate, set in motion an avalanche of murderous and villainous activity, intent on Adam’s demise and overall control of Majalin Downs. Several attempts are made on his life till he is ultimately forced to protect the lives of those he loves from a person no one ever suspected!


ADAM MANN hoped his life would soon return to normal with two men in prison awaiting trial for a frightening array of offences from A to M – ARSON to MURDER – of which he was the prime target. It took a final desperate act on the part of the murderous architect of those crimes for the awful truth to be revealed.

Three weeks later on a cold Saturday morning fishing trip to his favourite rock-hole on the Condamine River a volley of shots meant for him, signals it has started all over again. How did they know he would be there?

Another murder far from home takes out a suspect. How can that be related? Is the powerful local connection he originally thought to blame, finally showing their hand? Or is this just the same old war restarting using one of the new players that have come to town?

Adam has more questions than answers. His defences are on ‘red-alert’ as he sets about in his own way seeking answers to a complex past catching up with him on several fronts, threatening his life and putting his future with Kate in jeopardy.

Perhaps the funeral will reveal all?






Actor, Carol Burns, Brisbane; “Cracker yarns with colourful characters that leap off
the page. I passionately believe there is a movie or a TV series in these iconic Queensland

Professor Arne Myrvang, Norway; “Congratulations Peter. Wonderful reading,
brilliant story lines in both books. Reminds me so much of the Australian bush and its host of colourful characters.”

Jennie Perry-Smith, Italy;

This trilogy meets my criteria for a great holiday read! It is a rollicking yarn, and a great page turner, and not a complicated manipulative psycho drama.  

The book is laden with wonderful colourful Australian humour and brings to life the world of small town outback Queensland. My own memories of life in the bush fifty years ago resonated strongly eg. of the celebratory bonfire we had after the two holer dunny finally blew over in a willy willy; of the “First and Last Mulga Thumpers’ Ball” held in Charleville during a drought; of the wicked humour and larrikin behaviour of the boys from the bush; of a Christmas Carol service in the local town where the only man present was the priest because the rest were fighting bushfires. 

The books reminds me of my heritage and the huge debt we owe to these hard working, hard playing bushies. There was always a rifle on the parcel tray of the ute. There were always people on the wrong side of the law, trying to be invisible. Where was Adam Mann when we wanted him? He is the quintessential overseer turning his hand to anything and everything, and the hero of this marvellous tale.

Sherryl Bonisch - Avid Reader

Had a wet day yesterday and read the book in one fell swoop.  Loved it.  Are you working on another?