"Born in the bush, grew up in the bush, write about the bush." 

Peter Perkins

About Peter


By thought, word and deed Peter is the quintessential “Bushie.” For his
family and friends, nothing is too much trouble. Like his characters,
Peter has two faces. The ‘mask’ we all see, noisy, quick with a joke and
comment, loyal and true. When alone, Peter is the quiet observer,
studious, a thinker, a writer, a philosopher. He abhors all forms of
gratuitous violence – especially in the Arts. His books reflect his love of
humanity – rarely is violence portrayed. He loves his villains and heroes
alike. Often the reader’s unanswered questions only require their own
logical solution. Consequently, to read Peter’s books is to understand
only a small part the author and his unique writing style.


The Adam Mann Series


The Adam Mann Series has three books and similar to many ‘series,’ it was written out of sequence. The latest, I’LL BE SIX NEXT BIRTHDAY is now book one – the Prequel.
As with most series it is preferable to read The Adam Mann Series in order though each book stands alone. Thousands of readers of The Condamine Bell and Yellowbelly didn’t have that option, yet they still love the stories, the action, and the characters. Many admit to re-reading them several times. Gotta love a book to do that!
The Condamine Bell was my first book so Adam’s past is important to that story. He was born in Cunnamulla, mother died when he was a baby. Allan, his father, a Cattle Drover was mostly absent, working in the bush. Like many aboriginal children, Adam was raised by his impoverished aboriginal grandmother. Until his death Otto, his retired Geologist grandfather had a big influence on Adam’s naturally intelligent mind. You soon understand why when you read that book.

Adam was the embodiment of my Cairns school mate – a smart, quiet, disadvantaged mixed blood, bare-foot boy with a fractured family. I went to boarding school – he became a station hand in borrowed boots. Five years later he was a man – I, still a callow youth!
All three books have short time spans and the short chapters help the story lines gallop along at a rapid pace. Colourful characters leap off the pages and keep the readers interest right to the end.