The Explosive Sequel to The Condamine Bell. Inspired by True Events.


ADAM MANN hoped his life would soon return to normal with two men in prison awaiting trial for a frightening array of offences from A to M – ARSON to MURDER – of which he was the prime target. It took a final desperate act on the part of the murderous architect of those crimes for the awful truth to be revealed.

Three weeks later on a cold Saturday morning fishing trip to his favourite rock-hole on the Condamine River a volley of shots meant for him, signals it has started all over again. How did they know he would be there?

Another murder far from home takes out a suspect. How can that be related? Is the powerful local connection he originally thought to blame, finally showing their hand? Or is this just the same old war restarting using one of the new players that have come to town?

Adam has more questions than answers. His defences are on ‘red-alert’ as he sets about in his own way seeking answers to a complex past catching up with him on several fronts, threatening his life and putting his future with Kate in jeopardy.

Perhaps the funeral will reveal all?