Writing in Queensland

“You must write some Blogs. I need one a week from you.” Ocean, my Publisher said while we were sitting in The Coffee Shop at Helensvale. Everyone around us seemed to be on holidays – all dressed in colourful casual clothes, laughing, chatting, eating, waiting. Nobody wearing a space suit and I’d just been asked to fly to the moon.

“Blog? What’s a Blog?” I ask looking at Ocean somewhat bemused. What is Superman asking me to do? I’d recently written, self-narrated and in the process of printing and releasing the 85,000 word third book in my Trilogy – THE ADAM MANN SERIES and Ocean wants a Blog?

Writing in Queensland, about Queenslanders I find so easy, but a Blog? How do I even start? Not sure I’ve ever read a Blog. “That’s technology stuff, right?” I ask. “What am I going to do with that?”

“Not you – me. That’s my department. You just write a Blog every week and send it to me.” I’d written down two A4 pages of notes and now he was giving me ‘the secrets to flight’.

Writing in Queensland
Writing in Queensland

Doing anything in this wonderful weather we Queenslanders enjoy is easy. I never have any trouble writing in Queensland. I can sit down anytime, almost anywhere and start tapping away. My mind quickly picks up a theme and before I know it there are five hundred words on the page. Writing about people is also something I enjoy immensely. Inventing story lines and making them work is exciting. However my stories must be feasible, all actions possible, all outcomes legal – or illegal – depending whether it’s the protagonist or his adversary.

Do you know there is no such animal as ‘justifiable homicide’ in Australia? That stops my protagonist killing people.

Jumping over small buildings is for Superman. Walking for hours in the snow and ice I leave for New Zealanders – and Ocean, my Publisher! Writing in Queensland is so easy because you can position your characters anywhere, in almost any weather, wearing almost any type of clothing and they will survive – provided of course it’s not the murder scene. Don’t have a lot of those in my novels and I don’t like killing off my most colourful characters. One or two murders is enough – and I don’t always tell the reader in line and verse who actually pulled the trigger.

That is often hidden in allegory. I like to let the reader use their imagination. Writing in Queensland is so easy – the rules are so easy – I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.

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